Anthem Pets does not have a physical location. We can only save animals when YOU step up to help.

We need foster parents for the pets below.

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Quick Info on Fostering

  • LOVE your foster

    Your job as a foster with Anthem Pets is to show that pet love and care for them like they were your own pet. You don't need to train them to do tricks, or even basic commands. You aren't training a service dog, or a show cat, they don't need to be "perfect", they need to be cared for and loved. 

  • We don't know their past

    Most of the time, the pets coming to us are found, abandoned and surrendered. Remember that we don't know their past traumas. So it is always the best policy to NOT take the dogs to a dog park or on walks. We don't know how they will react to other pets or people. 

  • Pictures, pictures and more pictures

    As a foster you are responsible for providing great pictures of your foster. We also love short videos. We need these pictures and videos to help get your foster adopted. Take pics, take videos and send them via text to your Anthem Pets contact.

  • A great bio

    In addition to pictures, a great description of your foster will get them adopted. Tell people all about your cool foster cat and how he sits with you while you work, or the funny things your foster dog does. People read the pet descriptions because they are looking for a fit. Please be sure to include all the important details. like if they can get along with kids, cats, dogs or are afreid of men, things like that.

  • Take it slow

    When you get a new foster and have other pets take the introduction slow. You may want to isolate the new pet for the first day to let them decompress a little bit. It is incredibly stressful for a cat or dog to be lost, found, transported, and transported again. They are scared and that's alright. Take your introductions slow. Most of the time it will be fine, and if we already know the pet does not get along with cats, dogs or kids, we tell you up front.

  • Puppies are not housetrained. When we post for a puppy foster, assume that they are still not house trained.


    If we post for a mature dog, we can tell you they are doing a good job where they are, but things may change when they get to you. It is always safe to start with the assumption that they will need a little work. So, please don't place your new dog in a room on your thousand dollar new carpet until you get to know them.

  • Be honest about any issues

    If you are fostering a pet that is having some behavioral issues and it hasn't gotten better with time and attention, you need to let your Anthem Pets contact know. We can arrange for training and evaluation or even a medical exam. We want to help you so the pet can be very adoptable. Please communicate with us so we can work together.

  • Be sure your pets are up to date on vaccines

    If you have pets in your home and are thinking of fostering, please make sure your animals are all up to date on their vaccines. This is especially important if you are going to be fostering puppies that may have an illness we don't know about. Older dogs that are current on their shots are usually in no danger. 



    Read the information above and review the FAQs. You know that you want to foster after being informed.


    Review the available foster pets. Or if you are responding to a specific ad, great! You already know who you want to foster. Make a note of the 


    Complete a Foster Release Form which "attaches" you to the foster pet. The form is on-line. Here is the FOSTER RELEASE FORM


    Make arrangements to pick up or receive your new foster pet. You may be communicating with an Anthem Pets volunteer or the actual finder of the animal.

Frequently asked question

PLEASE take a moment and review this FAQ section to see if fostering is a fit for you.

Will I be driving around a lot?

What expenses do you pay?

What if I fall in love and want to keep my foster?

How long will I have my foster pet?

Can I foster if I already have pets?